Foto der Schwebebahnstation Werther Br├╝cke
┬ę Mehdi Tavangar

Werther Br├╝cke

Station information

Here, too, the striking Art Nouveau train station was replaced by a station that replicated the old building. The fastest way to get to the former Hall of Fame, known today as the House of Youth. The building houses, among other things, concert rooms and an art gallery, a branch of the Von der Heydt Museum.


Suspension monorail audioguide

Warm welcome

Introduction to the audioguide of the "Schwebebahn"


From Werther-Br├╝cke to Alter-Markt

"No, I'm from Barmen!"


From Werther-Br├╝cke to Wupperfeld

The recovered Wupper


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