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Image of the new suspension Monorail

The suspension monorail

The pulse of Wuppertal

The suspension monorail – Wuppertal's landmark – travels 13 km through the city. The network runs mainly above the city's river Wupper, only four of the 20 stops run above solid ground. More than 80,000 people use the suspension monorail on a daily basis.

It is therefore an everyday means of transport for the inhabitants of the city, but also a popular tourist attraction. Many sights can easily be reached on foot from the 20 suspension railway stations. Since August 1st 2019, only the new 'Generation 15' railcars have been in service.


The Langer Tisch 2024

WSW mobil is offering a special ticket to mark the "Langer Tisch 2024" city festival.

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Photo of railway station Alter Markt
© Mehdi Tavangar

Over the valley axis

Float between the two end stations Vohwinkel and Oberbarmen in just 30 minutes. Depending on the location, you hover eight to twelve meters above the Wupper and admire the 20 suspension railway stations. Only 4 of them are on the land route. In the meantime, all train stations have been rebuilt. Only three of them (Werther Bridge, Völklinger Strasse and District Court) were newly built in an identical form.

To The Stations