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Photo of the Imperial carriage
© Stadt Wuppertal

Get Married in the Imperial Carriage

Float into Marital Happiness Together

The Imperial Carriage is being updated for the new Operating-System and is temporarily not available.
© Urheber Stadt Wuppertal

Celebrate your wedding inside the historical imperial carriage of the Wuppertaler Schwebebahn and enjoy this very special day in a romantic ambiance hailing from the Wilhelminian era.

Marrying inside the imperial carriage is an experience on your perfect day that you will never forget. You and your guests will be floating along the city for one wonderful hour.

The official ceremony will be held during the journey by the Wuppertal registry office. The carriage will stop on the route for the time of your marital vows.

There are 61 seats available in the carriage. At your service there will be the driver and an additional conductor.