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Tickets & Pricing

Find the right ticket for your trip with Wuppertal's unique suspension monorail.

The Wuppertal Suspension Railway commutes every

Monday to Friday - every three minutesSaturday - every four minutesSunday and on Holidays - every six minutes

24- und 48-StundenTicket

You get full flexibility with the 24- and 48-HourTicket. You can ride the bus or the suspension railway for 24 or 48 hours, and you also have the option to take additional guests with you. Perfect for a day trip or a visit to the city. Just select the number of people that will ride along. Kids under six years go free.

  • 24-StundenTicket:7,30 €
  • every additional person: 3,60 €
  • 48-StundenTicket:13,90 €
  • every additional person: 6,80 €

KombiTicket Zoo

With the KombiTicket Zoo, you can combine two highlights: the Wuppertal suspension railway and the Wuppertal Zoo. The KombiTicket Zoo includes any number of journeys in Wuppertal and neighboring towns, as well as entry to the zoo on the chosen date.

  • Adults (from 15 years):18,50 €
  • Children (6-14 years):1,70 €