© Manuel Dwinger

The LEGO Suspension Railway model...

... may soon become reality!

Only a few votes are missing to finally make the dream of a LEGO Suspension Railway come true.

More than 9000 people have already voted for the realization of a LEGO Suspension Railway model. The idea came from Manuel Dwinger, a student from Wuppertal. He gradually expanded the plan, and by now there is even a platform and scaffolding to go with it.

As soon as the design receives 10,000 votes, a panel of LEGO experts will look at the design and decide how to proceed.

The project is receiving support from many sides within Wuppertal. For example, Wuppertal Marketing created the “city bet” to prove to LEGO that there is a lot of enthusiasm in Wuppertal! They bet that the project will receive 10,000 votes not within 2 years, but already by the end of February. If they lose this bet, they will donate two "Wuppsala" games to all Wuppertal kindergartens. Patron and mayor Uwe Schneidewind is convinced that Wuppertal can win this bet!

If you would also like to vote for the project, you can do so here!