"Friedrich Engels" by Achim vom Tal is marked under CC PDM 1.0.

The Engels Year: a retrospect

On November 28, 1820, Friedrich Engels was born in Wuppertal Barmen. Last year would have been his 200th birthday. To mark the occasion, Wuppertal dedicated an entire year of memories, tributes and events to one of its most famous children. From concerts and readings, to light installations and exhibitions, to various city tours, numerous experiences to get to know Friedrich Engels and Wuppertal better were offered to those interested.

The aim of this special year was not only to remember Friedrich Engels, his life and his works, but also to make his hometown Wuppertal known to a wide audience. After all, it is impossible to imagine Wuppertal's history without Friedrich Engels, as his traces are still clearly anchored in industry and society today.

A special highlight was the successful reopening of the Engels House. The house was extensively renovated and restored over a period of five years and now houses a permanent exhibition on the life and work of Friedrich Engels. The Engels House was duly opened in September with a grand celebration and the unveiling of the INSIDE OUT ENGELS art project.

To mark the Engels Year, WSW, who also acted as a sponsor of the celebrations, released a special model of the famous Wuppertal suspension railroad. The special model G15 Friedrich Engels can still be purchased online today.

"Friedrich Engels" by Achim vom Tal is marked with CC PDM 1.0