© Christian Reimann

Wuppertal: One of the Top 20 Travel Destinations...

...Thanks to the Schwebebahn!

In January 2020 CNN Travel posted an article ranking the 20 best travel destinations of the year. Of course, the year didn’t see much recreational travel and so this report is now more relevant than ever, with folks burning to explore new places again.

Next to the likes of Copenhagen, St. Petersburg and Washington D.C. you can find our “little” Wuppertal. The Schwebebahn is responsible for earning this spot on the list, being described as an “extraordinary ace” and “one of the world’s coolest railway system”.

As an appeal to all the steampunk- and sci-fi- lovers, CNN recommends Wuppertal as an outstanding destination with rich culture, that doesn’t have to hide behind the better-known Düsseldorf or Cologne. After all, they don’t have a railway in the sky.

Read the whole report here!