The „Schwebebahn“ is Running Again!

The day is finally here: the suspension railway will resume its regular schedule and drive every day of the week again, starting as soon as August!

This past year, the WSW have launched an extensive repair project to make the suspension railway generation GTW14 ready to drive again. This generation of railway has been on the rails since 2016, with deficiencies appearing right away. Because of the harsh abrasion of the wheels and tracks, the suspension railway was only allowed to drive on weekends this past year to reduce the number of kilometers and therefore the wear on the components.

By reducing the daily journeys of the suspension railway, it was possible to make repairs on the rail system, instead of having to replace large parts of it. The wear on the tires was tackled by WSW too.

The repairs will continue to take place during the business hour of the suspension railway to ensure smooth running in the future as well.

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