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New speed – new timetable!

starting April 17th

From Monday, 17 April 2023, the suspension railway will once again travel through the valley at a maximum speed of 60 km/h after successful training of the driving personnel and approval by the technical supervisory authority.

Before the official start, there were training runs where the driving personnel could develop a new driving experience at higher speeds. The new timetable, which takes the changed maximum speed into account, will also come into effect from 17.4.2023. Passengers can look forward to a time saving of about one minute per direction between Vohwinkel and Oberbarmen. The frequency will be reduced to 3 minutes and 40 seconds during peak times. Further improvements to the frequency are planned as soon as more wagons are available. Bus services will remain the same, there will be no further changes to the timetable on Monday.

Further information can be found here, the new timetable of the suspension railway here.