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New Audio Guides

for the Suspension Railway!

Just in time for the return to the regular schedule of the Wuppertal Suspension Railway, Wuppertal Marketing and WSW have launched audio guides for the whole route of the “Schwebebahn”. Whether you are a seasoned Wuppertal citizen or a globetrotter visiting Wuppertal for the first time, the audio guides provide interesting facts for everyone.

Let our audio guide be your companion on your journey with the suspension railway. From beginning to end, your journey will take approximately one hour. In this time, you’ll learn all about the suspension railway and its history, as well as pieces of background information about the landmarks, sights and people of Wuppertal.

Even if you use the suspension railway frequently, you might still learn a thing or two about your daily commute to work. You can listen to the audio guides piece by piece for the short journeys between each stop, so you can pick and choose what to learn at any time.

The audio guides are available as a podcast on your mobile device: you can find the episodes on well-known streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, or as a download in the media section of our website.