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Tuffi and Engels celebration

2020 is not only the year to celebrate Friedrich Engels - at the same time it has been 70 years since the well known story of the elephant Tuffi and her jump into the Wupper occured. This was the reason to create two special editions of the Schwebebahnmodell.

Both modells have been produced as a limited run with 500 pieces. They will be sold for 59 Euro each. You can buy those at the Onlineshop of Wuppertal Marketing or in the CustomerCenters of the WSW.

Suspension railway only operating on the weekends

The suspension railway is only operating on saturdays and sundays.

Monday through friday the WSW provides replacement traffic via bus. This restriction is expected to continue till summer 2021.

We gathered some information for you in a FAQ:

Suspension railway sports facemask

Following the mask requirement initiated by the state of NRW starting on the 27.04.2020, the suspension railway asks their customers to please follow the request.

WSW mobil executive Director Ulrich Jaeger: „The health of passengers and employees is our top priority. Our customers are supposed to arrive safe and healthy at their destinations, now and always.

We ask our customers to stay safe and take care of the other passengers by wearing facial masks." Following the specifications of the state, using a scarf or cloth covering mouth and nose is sufficient.

Wuppertal among the top 20 travel destinations

On January 07, CNN-Travel published the article "CNN Travel's 20 best places to visit in 2020". Among other things, Wuppertal is mentioned alongside cities such as Washington and St. Petersburg.

Wuppertal owes this placement because of the suspension railway which they called "... one of the world's coolest rail systems".

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